EFA Kinnaird Cup 2014

Dan Tristao and Will Ellison dominate latest official RFA singles and doubles rankings

Dan Tristao and Will Ellison dominate latest official RFA singles and doubles rankings


EFA Ladies Championships: A Festival of Fives


Two titles for Ian Fuller at the RFA National Vintage Championships


New Patron for the EFA


Boys from Blundell's win singles and doubles titles at RFA U13s Championships

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What is the Fives Federation?

The Fives Federation is the official body supporting the games of Fives in the UK, and officially came into being in 2005, as described in the excerpts below.

The earlier loose association known as the Fives Forum, with the full support of both the Rugby Fives Association and Eton Fives Association Boards became known as the Fives Federation on 7th February 2005.  

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What is Fives...

Fives is a handball game, that is hand & ball, nothing to do with 'five-a-side' football, or any other games, and it is played on a small court with similarities to Squash.

It comes in several flavours, and various styles, but they all have the one significant thing in common, you hit the ball with your Hand, not a racquet, bat, paddle or anything else, usually wearing gloves, because the balls are hard! The fundamentals of the game are to hit the ball against a wall, within a defined playing area, and to continue to return it within one bounce in such a way that your opponent can not do the same.

If you ever hit a ball against a wall with friends at school you will get the general idea! In the UK there are three major variations of the game, some of which have quite unique courts, and it is played up and down the country.

The FivesOnline site is the shared portal that the Fives Federation hosts to help promote and support the playing of Fives in all of the various forms.

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The initiative for using the internet and the website as a tool to promote the game was inspired by Ed Taylor, and his efforts deserve our acknowledgement.

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