Northern Tournament Draw

Below is the provisional main competition draw for this weekend's Northern Tournament at Shrewsbury.


Please be aware that this may still change before start of play.


Group A: T.Dunbar & S.Cooley (1), M.Yates & S.Simmons, G.Hoskins & S.Yick, J.Humes & F.Adair, K.Hird & R.Morgan


Group B: H.Wiseman & R.Tyler (3), T.Weld & T.Kirkby, C.Hughes & T.Welti, J.Fox & L.Lloyd-Jones


Group C: A.Theodossi & R.Perrie (4), G.Lewis & T.Breese, H.Flowers & M.Hulse, N.Bunyan & P.Scholey


Group D: J.Toop & M.Wiseman (2), L.Brock & E.Rose, T.Gallagher & K.Nwuba, J.Capstick-Dale & A.Wellesley, M.White & S.Cotty


The quarter-finals will be played on Saturday and will be as follows:


A1 v B2

C1 v D2

B1 v A2

D1 v C2


The semi-finals will be on Sunday morning and the final on Sunday afternoon.


The Festival draw will be on the notice board in the cricket pavilion before start of play at 11am.

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