WSSL 14: Week 6 Round-Up

Julian Black reports:

Superleagues reports – Week 6


Two crackers from this past week, with the first draw of the tournament between Westway 1 and the Studs, and Sweet (E)FA’s first win of the tournament over WHOREFC 1 in a gripping 4-2 showdown.

Westway 1 drew with the Studs 3-3

The Westway-Studs match was always going to be close, with a plethora of strong players turning out for one of the tightest matches of the Superleagues so far. There was excellent pressure play from all, with some intense encounters between the top members of the teams’ lineups; almost every game was hard-fought, and it was fitting that the match ended in a 3-3 draw.

J. Black & W. Betts beat G. Hoskins & J. Byham-Shaw 15-6
G. Chapman & D. Patel lost to C. Rennie & L.Brock 13-15

J. Black & G. Chapman lost to G. Hoskins & C. Rennie 10-15
W. Betts & D. Patel lost to L. Brock & J. Byham-Shaw 15-11

J. Black & D. Patel beat C. Rennie & J. Byham-Shaw 15-6
G. Chapman & W. Betts beat G. Hoskins & L. Brock 15-13

Sweet (E)FA beat WHOREFC 1 4-2

After a fairly unsuccessful Superleagues campaign so far, it was great to see Sweet (E)FA pick up their first win, beating WHOREFC 1 4-2 in a close match. The EFA side, headed by Chris Hughes, took the fight to WHOREFC, with Ed Hewens at the helm, with many of the games going to epic lengths, especially the final-set showdown between Chris & Archie and Ed & Al, with the former pair pipping the latter to the post 15-14. This win takes Sweet (E)FA past WHOREFC 1, guaranteeing them qualification into the quarter finals.

C. Hughes & W. Gibbons beat E. Hewens & J. Saunders 15-13
A. Cameron-Blackie & N. Lilienthal lost to A. Taylor & M. Leon 6-15

C. Hughes & N. Lilienthal lost to A. Taylor & J. Saunders 7-15
A. Cameron-Blackie & W. Gibbons beat E. Hewens & M. Leon 15-11

C. Hughes & A. Cameron-Blackie beat E. Hewens & A. Taylor 15-14
W. Gibbons & N. Lilienthal beat J. Saunders & M. Leon 15-9

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