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2010 WSSL semi-finals: WHOREFC in 4-2 Katona conquest

Peter Cohen reports:

This hotly anticipated rematch didn’t disappoint as the Superleague’s biggest rivals, Katona and WHOREFC, fought fiercely from top to bottom throughout this contest. The prize of a place in the final against the waiting Studs proved too big a draw for WHOREFC to turn down, defeating Katona by 4 games to 2 in a reverse of their league meeting back in June.


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Rugby Fives Association

Welcome to the home of the Rugby Fives Association online. 


The Rugby Fives Association is the governing body for the sport of Rugby Fives and part of the Fives Federation. The association aims to promote the playing and coaching of Fives at schools, universities and senior level, and throughout the community in general. It does this by organising matches and tournaments throughout the season and advising on – and wherever possible supporting financially – the regeneration of facilities and provision of suitable coaching and equipment to further the game's development across the country.


Rugby Fives is a game that is fast, fun and great for fitness, and can be enjoyed by players of all standards. It is played in both the singles and the doubles formats in a four-sided court. Players – using leather gloves worn on both hands – aim to hit the ball above the bar running across the front wall, so that the opposition cannot return it before the second bounce.


A Fives ball is slightly larger than a golf ball, leather-covered and hard. The court is slightly smaller than a squash court and has a stone, rather than wooden, floor. The game is played in a court enclosed by four walls, with a board of wood running across the front wall at an even height from the floor.


The film below - of the 2013 National Singles Championship final between eventual champion Dan Tristao and Will Ellison - will show just how the game is played. 




For further information, browse this site, where you can find: 

The latest news from the RFA

The latest singles and doubles rankings

Details of where to play

Details of the RFA Charitable Trust


2010 WSSL: Studs clinch league top spot

WSSL Final 2010_5


Peter Cohen reports:

Not only was this the final match before the playoffs, it was also the match that could define the season for the Studs. Four points would likely see them finish top and avoid WHOREFC in the semis, but five would guarantee it – a tough ask against an Academy side with a proven mix of youth, experience and undoubted quality. 


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