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Here you will find all the latest news about the world of Eton Fives, as well as links to the EFA archives and photo galleries.

News, results and other general information can be found by selecting one of the menu items from the drop-down under Eton Fives above. Clicking on the video clip window below will give those of you who have not seen the game an idea of how it is played...


Subscriptions News

Dear Member

Eton Fives Association membership subscription increase

Many thanks for supporting the Eton Fives Association (EFA) in the past and we look forward to your continuing support in the future.

We are making a few changes to our membership rules to encourage more players to become members and increase the membership. Namely we are asking players who are not currently members to become members if they participate in EFA competitions. These changes and the background to them have been discussed in detail with all our Club Secretaries and unanimously endorsed by them. The EFA has a number of projects which it is funding namely the professional at Westway, establishing coaching qualifications, the activities of the Eton Fives Coaching Agency which helps maintain fives in schools, preserving and building courts, building up and maintaining the website as a major communication tool etc. In the past we have had the generous support of HSBC Insurance Brokers, this division of HSBC has now been taken over by Marsh McLennan and their future support cannot be guaranteed. Some of the projects are required so we can apply for grants from Sport England and such bodies. We need to increase membership and hence our core income.

For your information we attach the new membership policy of the EFA which is designed to attract new members.

In addition to this latest drive for new members, we are increasing membership subscription from £20 to £25 with effect from 1 July 2010. The last increase was 6 years ago in July 2004.

The majority of you pay by direct debit so this is formal notification that your annual direct debit due on 1 July will be increase to £25 until further notice from that date.

Should you have any queries about the above, please contact our Treasurer, Martin Powell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our Secretary, Gareth Hoskins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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To become a member of the EFA, simply print out and fill in the three forms below and return them to Gareth Hoskins, EFA Secretary, 45 Sandhills Crescent, Solihull, B91 3UE. Membership costs £40 per year, £25 for those Under 30 and only £5 per year for those Under 21.


Direct Debit Registration Gift Aid


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A Message from EFA President Richard Barber:


Eton Fives today is flourishing. You will know this from our recent Newsletters and the reports on this website. The ‘pull through’ from the school to the adult game is gathering pace (we now have well over 500 young people in the EFA Facebook group); this year we had one of the highest ever turnouts for the National Schools' Championships. The Ladies’ game is really taking off. 34 pairs from 17 Universities contested the Universities Championships last November. And through Westway we are broadening the playing base by driving Fives into the Inner City. It is a vibrant and expanding game.


But in addition to our duty to ensure the health of the game, we also have a duty to the health of the Association itself. The fact is that despite more people playing the game in recent years, membership of the EFA is dwindling. At the same time our financial support for competitions, coaching, court refurbishments, communications, website, the Westway partnership and many other commitments remains significant. The loss of subscription income that this declining membership represents is enough to put the EFA into a financial loss. Unless this is reversed, it threatens the solvency of the EFA.

Like every enterprise up and down the land, we are looking at every way to reduce costs. But at the same time we must also increase our income. Increased income from membership is now crucial.

What do people get for their membership? Access to our fixtures; our publications about developments in Fives; and above all the knowledge that they are contributing to a vibrant and superbly run Association that administers and develops the game for the benefit of present and future generations.

Increasing the membership is absolutely essential to ensure the financial health and long-term future of the Eton Fives Association, and the outstanding work it does and must continue to do on behalf of the game everywhere. Please help us out by doing your bit and becoming a member of the EFA.


Historical Archives

The original

Eton Fives Association

archive material can be found here...


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