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Fives – the Olympic Dream?

This article was first published in the 2009 Fives Federation Annual Review


Giles Coren lays out his vision of Fives in 2012…


The 2012 London Olympics are now less than three years away, and the completion of the Olympic stadium not much more than four. Soon after that, the Olympic Village will be almost ready and I have no doubt that all the necessary transport links and other infrastructure needed to link the new sporting facilities on the Eastern marshes to London proper, and the rest of the world, will be ready in time for the next time the Games are awarded to Britain in, ooh, 2036?


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A ball in the compost pit and other tales

This article first appeared in the Fives Federation Annual Review in 2010. Since then an attempt has been made - although the project is currently on hold - to renovate the Caius College courts. Cambridge also now has three new courts in the West Cambridge University Sports Centre.


A look into the history of the College courts of Cambridge


Cambridge College Courts_2

The Magdalene College court


Many Fives players have memories of playing matches for and against Cambridge University at Portugal Place, which was for years the focus of the game in Cambridge, with its two flagstone-floored Eton Fives courts, its tatty armchairs and the unmistakable aroma lingering from generations of sweaty leather gloves. More recently, since the demolition of Portugal Place in the mid 1990s and the conversion of the Leys School courts to a climbing wall, the University club has had to rely on the single court in Magdalene College to keep the game alive.


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"Some Reflections on the Game of Eton Fives" by Jack Peterson



Jack Peterson is one of the legendary names in the history of Eton Fives. He was captain of Fives at Shrewsbury and Oxford, a Master at Eton then Headmaster at Shrewsbury, three times a Kinnaird Cup winner and Chairman of the EFA immediately after the Second World War. He produced a booklet called "Some Reflections on the Game of Eton Fives" and Old Salopian and member of the Marlborough Fives Club Peter Westwood has transcribed the booklet into electronic form from the copy in Shrewsbury School Library. You can now read it by simply clicking HERE.

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