Dunbar and Cooley win the 2011 Kinnaird: Now with full technical and statistical analysis

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To see a statistical analysis of the final click HERE for the first game, HERE for the second, HERE for the third and HERE for overall stats.

Mark Williams reports:

Kinnaird Cup Final: T.Dunbar & S.Cooley (2) beat J.Toop & M.Wiseman (1) 3-0 (15-11, 12-7, 12-4)


Over 50 spectators gathered on a sunny April afternoon to watch a potentially enthrallling contest between what seemed two very evenly matched pairs. Part of the attraction was that one of the pairs was a new combination of two talented players, one of whom was playing in a final for the first time, against the current holders. Because of an injury during the final at the Northern, it was the first time that these two pairs would play a match to its conclusion.

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