Alan Barber Cup 2014: 10 in a row for the Olavians

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Mark Williams reports:


The Old Olavians won the Alan Barber Cup at Eton on Sunday 25th January for the tenth successive year with a 2-1 win in the final over the Old Salopians.


At first pair, Toop and M.Wiseman started strongly and won the first game convincingly. Worth and Griffiths got into the second game and fought hard, but lacked the consistency to rally and challenge, and fell away again in the last game.


At second pair, Lewis and Thomason matched Cooley and White shot for shot in the first game, but at the death Cooley’s class proved decisive, and the Olavians dominated the second and third games.


At third pair, Walters and Williams attacked consistently and won a close first game. H.Wiseman and Markannen brought all their experience to bear, but the Salopians kept their noses in front to win a very close second game, and after establishing a significant lead in the third, had to keep their nerve as the Olavians recovered to level at 11-11, to win the match.


The Olavians won for the tenth successive year, but they are getting older year by year, and the Salopians are introducing talented young players, steadily strengthening their team. 


Alan Barber Cup Final at Eton 19/01/14:


Old Olavians beat Old Salopians 2-1


J.Toop & M.Wiseman beat R.Worth & R.Griffiths 12-1, 12-6, 12-1

S.Cooley & P.White beat H.Lewis & G.Thomason 12-9, 12-3, 12-0.

H.Wiseman & P.Markannen lost to T.Walters & G.Williams 9-12, 13-14, 13-14


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